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06173 2025

If you are pressed for time, call us for a brief consultation. Please remember that matters of a confidential and sensitive nature can only be discussed in person at our pharmacy.

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What’s new

20. July 2020

Apotheke am Westerbach under new management

Claudia Sättler has been the owner of Apotheke am Westerbach since 2019. Together with her team she continues to provide the high-quality consulting services valued by our customers and maintains the family atmosphere.
20. July 2020

Earn PAYBACK points now

Effective immediately, you can collect valuable PAYBACK points on your purchases at Apotheke am Westerbach.
20. July 2020

Save time by preordering medications

You can preorder your medications quickly and easily by e-mail or through the app.
Quick Support · 빠른 조언 · Schnelle Beratung

06173 2025

Do you need information but lack the time to come to the pharmacy? We are only a phone call away!